Nomad-OUR story

Nomad, the new 4-star city hotel in Basel, opened its doors on the 4th.of January 2016. This absolute added value for Basel’s cultural and gastronomic scene was celebrated on January 23rd. The nomad is full of character in architecture (bucher//bründler Architekten), interior (grego), and gastronomy, a meeting point for the modern cosmopolitan, for global & digital nomads from Basel and far away – and much more.

Event background

We showed the guests the entire world of the nomad – into its still young, but anyway very intense & own history. The people who work for the nomad and the house itself, including its philosophy, was the focus of attention. The whole thing should convince and inspire with life and positive energy.

Actions: Some hotel rooms//kitchen//sauna//library, etc. Were opened, stations were created. Unforeseen, fantastic and visually beautiful things were presented. Who wanted to, went on a hotel tour with Kurt Aeschbacher. Those who did not want to, were allowed to discover the hotel on their own. A mixture of invited guests from business, culture, and sports, as well as local „Opinion leaders“ Made the brunngässlein 8 shakes this evening. And live bands. (as well as national & international DJs before & after…)

Cosmopolitan, and authentic.

The guests were allowed to experience and „Feel“ The hotel. Emotions were the top priority. It-bands of the local music scene, graceful dancers of the basic ballet, and well-known DJs with a colorful tune mixture from different genres provided for higher-beating hearts and unforgettable memoirs. A great start for even greater home.

Side facts

Geo Saison, together with 31 international experts, chose this hotel as the most beautiful city hotel in Europe. The design & lifestyle hotel is the second best 4* city hotel in Switzerland �


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